Video : watch Guerbet experience at ECR 2015 Vienna

28.04.2015 09:26

The ECR, European Congress of Radiology, came to an end on Sunday 8 March. This year, Guerbet presented its solutions in its 4 growing business segments: MRI, X-ray, Interventional radiology and Medical devices.

These 4 days have been rich in meetings, networking and talks about projects with radiologists and societies on the Guerbet booth. Guerbet presented 13 scientific communications and an interesting symposium moderated by Professor Lauenstein (Germany) focusing on guidelines and practices for MRI, X-ray and Interventional radiology. More than 200 professionals attended the presentations by Professors Radbruch (Germany), Caramella (Italy) andLauenstein (Germany).


·         In MRI, Guerbet presented its leading solution in Europe that covers all kind of patients and many indications with a worldwide experience.

·         In X-ray, Guerbet focuses on optimizing patient safety and diagnostic efficacy with adapted iodine dose. The Group also displayed a global solution including an innovative packaging which is environmental friendly and improves patient workflow.

·         In Interventional radiology (IR), Guerbet displayed its main contrast agent for oncology and emphasized involvement in R&D for IR solutions.

·         In Medical Devices, Guerbet expands with FlowSens®, a very innovative dual soft bag injector for CT medical imaging, coming with its wide range of dedicated disposables. New features were launched this year!