23/02/2010 Xenetix 350 : Loewe et al. European Radiology

This study of 310 patients undergoing an assessment of the aorta and the abdominal vascular tree with 64 rows scanner, demonstrates the same diagnostic efficacy for Xenetix and Iomeron, with a lower concentration of iodine for Xenetix. The diagnostic efficacy was satisfactory to very...


02/02/2010 Telebrix 12 Sodium vials 250 ml (delivery interrupted) and Telebrix 30 Meglumine 140 ml (not available anymore)

See attached letter for more information. Letter Telebrix 12 Sodium FR Letter Telebrix 12 Sodium NL Letter Telebrix 30 Meglumine 140 ml FR Letter Telebrix 30 Meglumine 140 ml NL


17/12/2009 Codali Guerbet no longer distributes Dr Falk Pharma and Kreussler Pharma

See hereafter more information regarding this matter. Letter Dr Falk Pharma Fr Letter Dr Falk Pharma Nl Letter Kreussler Pharma Fr Letter Kreussler Pharma Nl


01/09/2008 Launching of Manyfill and Secufill (Medex by Guerbet)

Two technological innovations for clean, easy, fast and safe use with contrast media power injectors.


01/09/2008 Launching of Xenetix Scanbag® (Guerbet)

A new packaging concept designed specifically for contrast media used in medical imaging. Present existing forms are 350/100 ml, 350/150 ml, 350/200 ml and 350/500 ml. Prices and repayment modalities are identical as the vials.


04/06/2008 Xenetix 300 and 350

As Hexabrix 320 200 ml, Optiray 300 200 ml, Optiray 350 200 ml, Xenetix 300 500 ml and Xenetix 350 500 ml...


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