MRI examinations

Main MRI examinations with injection of contrast media

How will the exam be performed

MRI Angiography

MR Angiography is an examination of  blood vessels (mainly arteries). After injecting a contrast medium intravenously, MR Angiography can be used to examine most of the large arteries, but generally focuses on just a few such as the aorta, leg arteries, carotids, etc.

MRI Arthrography

MR Arthrography is an examination of bone joints. The contrast medium is injected directly into a joint (knee, shoulder, etc.).

Central Nervous System

Examinations of  Central Nervous System (brain and spinal cord) are performed after a contrast medium is injected intravenously. This is one of the main indications for MRI.

Pelvic/abdominal organs

Pelvic Abdominal examinations mainly concern the liver, pancreas and genital organs (uterus, prostate). The contrast medium is injected intravenously.