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Purpose of Site
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Trade Name : s.a. Guerbet n.v.
Legal representative : Karel Quellhorst

Company nr : 0403054893

VAT nr : BE0403054893

FAMHP authorisation GMDP n° 74H 

Medical Devices registration n° BE/CA01/1-00056

Office :
avenue des Communautés 110
Gemeenschappenlaan 110
1200 Bruxelles - Brussel
Tel.: 32(0)2 726 21 10
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Absence of warranty
Guerbet endeavours to keep the Site up-to-date. However, Guerbet cannot warrant that information made available on the Site is correct, accurate, up-to-date or complete. Thus, with the exception of direct damage resulting from Guerbet’s intentional or serious negligence, Guerbet cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect loss or damage that may ensue from accessing or using the Site or for any damage or virus that may affect your computer or other computer equipment.
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Information on products specific to a given country
Information provided on the Site may include direct or indirect references to Guerbet products not available in your own country or offered under a different name, that may be subject to different regulations and terms of use. The fact that they are referred to does not mean that Guerbet plans to market them. Ask our local subsidiary or sales partner for any information about product availability in your country.

Advice or expert opinion
As information that may be of interest to visitors, the Site may contain extracts from press articles or opinions stated by experts. Such information solely reflects the opinion of the expert or publication and shall not be construed as Guerbet’s.
Guerbet does not guarantee either the accuracy or completeness of such information, whatsoever it may be, and shall not under any circumstances be held liable if it is inaccurate or incomplete. 

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